USB/LAN Connect Display not Working

USB/LAN Connect Display not Working


If the USB/LAN Connect screen display is not working, try the following solutions. If all fail, contact Shop Floor Automations.

Check the Display Cable

  1. The gray display cable could be pinched, make sure it is not stuck between anything
  2. You must use the cable that came with the unit, more specifically a 6ft or shorter RJ11 cable. The display will not work with a cable that is too long.
Do not plug/unplug the display cable while the unit is powered on, this will damage the unit and is not covered under warranty

Contrast Button

  1. You can adjust the display contrast by adjusting the orange or blue potentiometer (R2) located on the back of the display board. This potentiometer should be accessible through the large diameter hole in the control box. It is best to adjust this display while the unit is powered on to notice the changes.

Voltage problem

  1. The display can be damaged by applying wrong voltage. The hardware accepts 7-28vdc. 

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