Getting Unable to authenticate to Secure DNC error in Predator DNC

Getting Unable to authenticate to Secure DNC error in Predator DNC


Unable to send to a Windows Based CNC control. Looking in Predator DNC logs, "Unable authenticate to Secure DNC Failed to initialize clientSocket for Login. Socket Message:SDncSocket:InitializeClientSocket:Unable to establish connection port 8190"


Usually, a network connectivity issue or the Secure DNC executable is not running on the control. 


  1. Try to ping the control to check for connectivity. 
    1. If you cannot ping the control, fix the connectivity before proceeding
  2. If you can ping the control, check Windows task manager to make sure psdnc.exe is running. 
    1. If it is not running, go to "C:\Predator" and start it or reboot the machine and try again
    2. If it is running, reboot the machine and try again

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