How do I add a new CNC Machine to Predator DNC?

How do I add a new CNC Machine to Predator DNC?

To add a CNC to Predator DNC, a few items are required.

  • Available Serial Port
  • Available DNC License
  • Make and Model of the CNC Control
  • Copy Existing / Similar or Sample PXP

Begin by confirming you have an available serial port on the Predator DNC Hub or PC. Take note of where the new RS232 cable will connect (port number and hub).

Check the Windows Control Panel | Device Manager to determine the port number and communication port. If installed by SFA, the system will begin at COM 5 = Port 1; COM6 = Port 2. The exact settings can be determined by reviewing the Multiport Serial Adapter from the Device Manager.

Determine the number of CNCs currently configured in the DNC Networking System. If the number of CNC exceeds the current DNC License, a license upgrade will be required. While in the DNC Software, select HELP | ABOUT for the current license purchased, ie. DNC/8.

If a license is available, then proceed.

Launch the Predator DNC Administrator if not currently in this mode. Select Command | Cancel All. Next, find a similar CNC / Machine in your current PXP. Select the CNC with your mouse, right click, select {COPY}. Select the Predator Red Gear at the top of the Predator Software, right click and select {Paste}. This creates a copy of the existing machine. Modify this copied CNC to match the Communication Port number as well as the baud rate, parity, and stop bits. The machine directory and any other features can be modified by using the Predator Wizard.

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