How do I add a Predator CNC Editor custom menu?

How do I add a Predator CNC Editor custom menu?

Creating a CNC Editor custom menu with Predator is for creating a shortcut to launch the desired program within Editor. Instead of going to your desktop or Start menu to start a common application, we can make a “bookmark” type link, which will reside in the options menu of Editor. To add a new custom menu:

  • From the File menu select New Custom Menu…
  • The New Custom Menu Wizard will appear:
Field Name Description
Menu Name Type a name for the new custom menu item.
Command Line Enter a command line to execute or click the … button to browse the Windows File System for a command line

-Examples of the command line parameter would be “PDnc.exe” for Predator DNC-

  • When finished, click Finish to save the new custom menu. It will appear under the Options menu.

At any time, click Cancel to discard the new custom menu.

A limit of four custom menu items exists. The Menu Name must be unique.

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