How to backup the Predator DNC PXP configuration?

How to Back Up the Predator DNC PXP Configuration


Backing up the Predator DNC configuration is key to preventing shop downtime. The Predator DNC configuration is known as the PXP. To back up the the PXP, use the following as a general guideline to find it and save to a secure location. Shop Floor Automations maintains back ups of PXPs on behalf of our customers who are on an active support contract to ensure quick recovery from a PC or Server failure. Feel free to send your PXP to Shop Floor Automations as often as you like. Be sure to include the name of your company when sending the PXP. 

Locate the Predator DNC PXP

  1. On the Predator DNC computer, go to C:\Predator Software\Support\PXPs\
  2. If this folder exists, make a copy all .PXP files and you are done
  3. If this folder does not exist, choose of the options below based on your environment

Option 1: Predator DNC is running as an application (most common)

  1. When Predator DNC is open, look at the title bar, the path is shown

  2. Go to the path found in the title bar
  3. Make a copy of all .PXP files

Option 2: Predator DNC is running as a service

  1. Open Windows Services
  2. Either search for Services in the start menu or press Windows + R and type "Services.msc"
  3. Look for Predator DNC Service, right click and select Stop

  4. Once the Predator DNC Service has stopped, run the Predator DNC v11 Administrator application 
  5. When Predator DNC is open, look at the title bar, the path is shown

  6. Go to the path found in the title bar
  7. Make a copy of all .PXP files
  8. Close Predator DNC v11 Administrator application
  9. Open Windows Services
  10. Look for "Predator DNC Service", right click and select Start

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