How to Change Fanuc Foreground and Background Folders

How to Change Fanuc Foreground and Background Folders


When transferring programs in and out of Fanuc CNCs, the foreground and background folders are considered. When using serial RS232 communication, the foreground folder is used. When using FOCAS communication, the background folder is used. To avoid confusion, SFA recommends changing both at the same time. 

Setting Foreground Folder and/or Background Folder

  1. Put in EDIT mode
  2. Press PROG button
  3. Press FOLDER softkey
  4. You will see both the current "FOREGROUND FOLDER" and "BACKGROUND FOLDER" indicated at the top of the screen 
  5. Navigate to the desired folder
  6. Press (OPRT) softkey
  7. Press far-right (+) softkey
  8. To change the foreground folder, press FORE CHANGE softkey
  9. To change background folder, press BACK CHANGE softkey
  10. Confirm the change by checking the top of the screen

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