How to Identify a Haas Next Generation Control (NGC)

How to Identify a Haas Next Generation Control (NGC)


There are various ways to determine if your Haas has a Next Generation Controller (NGC).

Screen Design

Since the screen design is unique to the NGC, the screen design is the most reliable way to check if you have a Haas NGC. 
  1. This is as NGC Screen

  2. This is not a NGC Screen

The following sets of criteria are best combined to determine if you have a Haas NGC. 

Serial Number

If the serial number is greater than 1134349, its likely a NGC.

Manufacture Date

If the MFG date is newer than 2016, there is a chance its a NGC. 


On the left side of the electrical cabinet, you will find a network port. IF this network port is NOT accompanied by a DB25 serial port, there is chance you have a Haas NGC. If you do not find a network port and/or only a DB25 serial port, its not a Haas NGC. 

If you are still unsure you have a Haas NGC, a SFA Technician can help. Please submit a ticket with the model, serial number, mfg. date, and if a network port is present. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words and always welcome with your ticket submission. 

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