How to Setup Logs in Predator DNC

How to Setup Logs in Predator DNC


The Predator DNC logs is an invaluable tool to diagnose issues. This article reviews how to configure logs in Predator DNC. 


  1. Access to Predator DNC v11 Administrator

Setup Logs in Machine Properties

  1. If Predator DNC is running as a service, first go to Services and stop Predator DNC Service
  2. Launch Predator DNC v11 Administrator, can be found on the desktop or start menu
  3. Go to Command > Cancel All
  4. On the machine in question, right-click and click Properties
  5. In the Error Log Files, enter a path for the logs, this path should include the filename and extension
    1. e.g. "C:\Predator Software\Support\Logs\CNC1.txt"
      1. SFA recommends placing logs in "C:\Predator Software\Support\Logs"
      2. SFA recommends placing logs on a local drive, then sharing the log folder for others to access
      3. The folder must exisit, but the file will automatically be created
  6. Click Next until you see finish, Click Finish
  7. Go to File > Save
  8. Start Predator DNC
    1. If Predator DNC runs as an application, go to Command > Startup All
    2. If Predator DNC runs as a service, close the application, go to Services and start Predator DNC Service

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