How to Troubleshoot Predator Secure DNC

How to Troubleshoot Predator Secure DNC


This will go over how to find and view Predator Secure DNC Logs, check if the Predator Secure DNC executable is running on the machine, and provide some basic troubleshooting steps. 


  1. Access to Predator DNC v11 Administrator
  2. Access to CNC Machine Windows Side

Access Predator Secure DNC Logs via Predator DNC

  1. If Predator DNC is running as a service, first go to Services and stop Predator DNC Service
  2. Launch Predator DNC v11 Administrator, can be found on the desktop or start menu
  3. Go to Command > Cancel All
  4. Click on the machine in question
  5. Click the + plus sign next to machine
  6. Click on the object that says Send to CNC
  7. Right click on Send to CNC
  8. Click Properties...
  9. Click Next until you are on the "Secure DNC Terminator" page
  10. Click Next

  11. Click View Log File
  12. Notate the CNC Install Folder. The Predator DNC Server you are on must have the same folder on the hard drive. If you do not have one, create it now. 

  13. The log will open in your default text editor
  14. If an error pops up, the Predator Secure DNC executable is either not running or offline; see Troubleshooting steps section for more information

Access Predator Secure DNC Logs via CNC Machine

  1. On the CNC Control, you must get to the Windows side
  2. From Windows, go to C:\Predator (sometimes this will be on the D drive instead)
  3. Open psdnc.log
    1. If psdnc.log is missing or has a very old date, psdnc.exe is not running; see Troubleshooting steps section for more information


  1. Confirm you can ping the CNC machine from the Predator DNC server; if not, correct that issue
  2. Manually send a program from Predator DNC and check the Predator DNC logs for additional errors
  3. Provide logs, or pictures of logs, to a SFA technician via

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