How to Use Predator License Utility

How to Use Predator License Utility


Occasionally, when licensing Predator products the license information's is not properly stored in the Windows Registry and will prompt for license information on every launch. Even with full administrator rights, this can become a problem. This article show you how to move license in to the proper location. 


  1. Windows Administrator Account or Local Administrator Rights
  2. Predator License Information
  3. Predator License Utility (link)

Copy License to Local Machine (HKLM)

  1. While holding Shift, right-click on Launch Predator License Utility
  2. Find license marked "HKCU" in Registry column
  3. Highlight that row
  4. Click Copy License to HKLM
  5. Click Refresh Info

Delete License From Current User (HKCU)

  1. Find license marked "HKCU" in the Registry column
  2. Highlight that row
  3. Click Delete License

  4. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the license

  5. Select Yes, delete the root folder (default for HKCU)
  6. Click OK

  7. Now close the Predator License Utility
  8. Now your license is stored in the right place and should launch correctly

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