Predator DNC Service Will Not Start

Predator DNC Service Will Not Start


The Predator DNC Service is unable to start or it has stopped suddenly with no apparent explanation. 


Licensing is the likely culprit, but Windows user permissions can also prevent the service from starting


Try the following in order until resolved, if still unable to resolve, contact Support
  1. Try running the Predator DNC v11 Administrator application and see what errors appear; try again after the application is able to launch
    1. Registration Information screen appears
      1. Confirm the USB SIM is plugged in by pressing SIM ID, if not, reseat the USB SIM and try again
        1. If using a Digi AnywhereUSB device, confirm it is online and the USB port is mounted to the computer
      2. If using a temporary license, it has likely expired, apply your permanent license or contact Support
    2. Application launches and doesn't appear to have any issues
      1. Check the Windows user (Service Account) used to run the Service and confirm the account is active and the password valid
      2. Trying using a known working set of credentials such as a domain admins account to test
  2. Restart the PC/server

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