Why am I getting a SIM Wrapper Error 5?

Why am I getting a SIM Wrapper Error 5?


SIM Wrapper Error 5 is the most common licensing error. To correct the issue, review the options below and match them to your scenario. 

SIM Wrapper Error 5

    1. Problem
      1. Bad Serial Number or Access Codes
    2. Solution
      1. Verify you typed the codes correctly
      2. SFA recommends doing a copy/paste

SIM Wrapper Error 5 (SIM ID)

    1. Problem
      1. This is most likely due to the use of remote desktop (RDP). The SIM ID will appear in the parenthesis, e.g. SIM Wrapper Error 5 (5360).
    2. Solution
      1. Go ahead and enter the Serial Number and Access Code, then press OK. Let the error message appear, dismiss it, then close Predator DNC. Now launch Predator DNC without running as administrator. Check to confirm the codes applied by checking the serial number by going to Help > About.
      2. If this fails, manually enter the code in the registry. This is only for experienced users.

SIM Wrapper Error 5 (0)

    1. Problem
      1. Can't find SIM
    2. Solution
      1. Confirm the SIM is plugged into the computer
      2. Unplug and try plugging into another USB port
      3. Make sure the Sentinel Drivers are installed, download (link) and install if not

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