How to Install Predator DNC v11

How to Install Predator DNC v11


The following article will have you download, install, and license Predator DNC v11.


  1. Local Administrator Rights
  2. Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework


  1. Request a license (Instructions)
  2. Enable .NET 3.5 Framework for Windows 10 (Instructions)
  3. Download Predator DNC v11 (link)


  1. Extract files and run SetupDNC.exe
  2. Leaving all applications selected, click Next

  3. Complete Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Installation Wizard
  4. Complete Optional Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server - 64bit Installation Wizard
  5. During Sentinel System Driver Installation Wizard, be sure to select Yes when during Windows Firewall detected! page

  6. Complete Predator Virtual CNC Viewer v11, Predator CNC Editor v11, and Predator DNC v11 Installation Wizards


  1. From the desktop, locate the red Predator DNC v11 Administrator shortcut
  2. While holding the Shift key, right click the Predator DNC v11 Administrator shortcut and click Run as administrator
  3. Upon success, the Registration Information screen will appear
  4. Fill out Name and Company
  5. Copy and paste Serial Number and Access Code into applicable fields
  6. Leave License Type set to "Unknown"
    1. If using a Floating License Manager (FLM), do the following:
      1. Set License Type set to "Unknown"
      2. Fill out Server (this is the server hostname or IP address of the FLM Server) 
      3. Fill out Port (this is the TCP port the FLM Server is using, typically 50000) 
  7. Click OK when done

  8. Upon success, Predator DNC v11 will launch
At this point your computer is ready for a SFA technician to complete the configuration of you Predator DNC system. The following steps are optional. 

Load Configuration (PXP) - Optional

  1. Download attached example PXP configuration file
  2. Create the following directory "C:\Predator Software\Support\PXPs"
  3. Place the PXP configuration file in "C:\Predator Software\Support\PXPs"
  4. From Predator DNC v11, go to File > Open...
  5. Navigate to "C:\Predator Software\Support\PXPs"
  6. Select Getting Started with Predator DNC.pxp, click Open
  7. An example CNC machine is available to use

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