How to Install Predator PDM v11

How to Install Predator PDM v11


The following article will have you download, install, and license Predator PDM v11. In addition, launching Predator PDM for the first time will have you enter the database information. 


  1. Local Administrator Rights
  2. Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework (How to Enable .NET 3.5 Framework on Windows 10)
  3. Predator PDM Software (link)
  4. License Information
  5. Database Information
  6. Predator PDM User Account


  1. Extract files and run SetupPDM.exe
  2. Leaving all applications selected, click Next
  3. Complete Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Installation Wizard
  4. Complete Optional Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server - 64bit Installation Wizard
  5. During Sentinel System Driver Installation Wizard, be sure to select Yes when during Windows Firewall detected! page

  6. Complete Predator PDM v11 Installation Wizard


  1. From the desktop, locate the green Predator PDM v11 shortcut
  2. While holding the Shift key, right click the Predator PDM v11 shortcut and click Run as administrator
  3. Upon success, the "Registration Information" screen will appear
  4. Fill out Name and Company
  5. Fill out Serial Number and Access Code
  6. Choose one of the following licensing methods:
    1. Floating License Manager (FLM) (Most Common)
      1. Set License Type set to "Floating License Manager"
      2. Fill out Server (this is the server hostname or IP address of the FLM Server) 
      3. Fill out Port (this is the TCP port the FLM Server is using, typically 50000) 
    2. USB SIM Dongle
      1. Leave License Type set to "Unknown"
  7. Click OK when done

  8. Upon success, Predator PDM v11 will launch

Database Configuration

  1. Click onto the Database tab
  2. Fill out SQL User Name, SQL Password, SQL Server, and SQL Database (this is not the MDC user account)
  3. Click Connect

User Logon

  1. Fill out User Name with your Predator PDM user name
  2. Fill out Password with your Predator PDM password
  3. Optional, check the Remember Password checkbox
  4. Click OK 

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