How to Migrate Predator CNC Editor

How to Migrate Predator CNC Editor


Migrating Predator CNC Editor from one PC to another is a relatively straightforward task. 


  1. Local Administrator Rights on new PC
  2. Predator CNC Editor installed on new PC (How to Install Predator CNC Editor)

Back up Template Database

  1. In Predator CNC Editor, go to Options > Template Database

  2. Notate the location go to it in File Explorer
  3. Typically located in "C:\Predator Software\Editor\"
  4. Save a copy of PEditor.mdb

Restore Template Database

  1. Go to C:\Predator Software\Editor\
  2. Paste the copy of PEditor.mdb in this folder, overwrite if needed
  3. Launch Predator CNC Editor and confirm the templates appear in the Template dropdown

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