How to Use a Moxa W2150A / W2250A in Wired Mode

How to Use a Moxa W2150A / W2250A in Wired Mode


If there is a need to use a wired Ethernet connection instead of wireless, you can program the Moxa NPort device to function as a wired device instead. 


  1. IP Address of Programmed Moxa NPort W2150A & W2250A Device


  1. If not already done, program Moxa NPort W2150A & W2250A Device (Instructions)

Program Ethernet Settings

  1. From a web browser, go to http://[moxa_ip_address]
    1. e.g.
  2. Type "admin" in Account field
  3. Type "moxa" in Password field
    1. If you are getting incorrect password, try leaving the password blank.
  4. Click Login

  5. Go to Network Settings > Ethernet/Bridge Settings
  6. Set IP configuration to "Static"
  7. Type the IP address of the Moxa NPort device in IP address field
  8. Type the Subnet Mask of the Moxa NPort device in Netmask field
  9. Type the Gateway of the Moxa NPort device in Gateway field
  10. Click Submit
  11. Device will prompt for reboot, Click OK

To Switch to Wired Mode

  1. Plug the network cable in the Ethernet port on the Moxa NPort device
  2. Restart the Moxa NPort device to boot into wired mode

To Switch Back to Wireless Mode

  1. Unplug the network cable from the Ethernet port on the Moxa NPort device
  2. Restart the Moxa NPort device to boot into wireless mode

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