Predator DNC Remote Installation Preparation

Predator DNC Remote Installation Preparation


To help prepare for your remote Predator DNC installation, it is recommended you read the following Knowledge Base. Feel free to ask a SFA technician any questions.

Licensing Preparation

The Predator DNC application will use a temporary license until you receive the permanent USB SIM. We will need a Network ID to obtain the temporary license. 

Software to Download


  1. Operator or someone who knows how to operate the machine
  2. IT Contact

Information to Have Ready

  1. Local Administrator Rights
  2. Static IP Addresses for each device or CNC control
  3. SSID and Encryption Key (for wireless hardware only)
  4. Location of current NC part programs
  5. Machine name, make, and model
  6. Machine control model
  7. Current baud rate, data bit, stop bit, and parity, when applicable

Typical Installation Plan

  1. The technician will connect remotely via TeamViewer (TeamViewer QuickSupport)
  2. Install and license Predator DNC
  3. Program hardware and install drivers
  4. Assist with control settings
  5. Configure machine connectivity in Predator DNC
  6. Test connectivity
  7. Provide training and documentation as needed

To program wireless hardware, we will need a direct Ethernet connection to the device. It is recommended we use a laptop with Wi-Fi and an available Ethernet port or a PC with a second Ethernet port. If this is not possible, we can either walk you through the steps verbally or provide the necessary documentation.

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