Why Does Predator Keep Requesting License Information?

Why Does Predator Keep Requesting License Information?


Everything time I launch my Predator application, it requests the license information even though I enter the correct information each time. 


Predator applications require write permissions to the Windows Registry. When done without the proper permissions, the license information will be written to a location that is not permanent. This is a common issue when a license was recently changed such as a transition from a temporary to permanent license. 


  1. Close the Predator application, then launch it again, but this time hold down the shift key, then right click and select Run as administrator. Enter your license information into the Registration Information window. After pressing OK, the application should open. If so, close it, then simply launch the application again without running as administrator. If it does not request the license information, problem solved. 
  2. Clean up Predator licenses using the Predator License Utility (instructions)
  3. Clean up Predator licenses by removing them directly from the registry (instructions)

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