What is the Predator Touch HMI Connect Timed Out Error?

What is the Predator Touch HMI Connect Timed Out Error?


When attempting to use a Predator Touch HMI button, an error appears saying Connect timed out.


This error is due to the inability for Predator Touch HMI to reach the Predator DNC server.


  1. Predator DNC may be in the middle of a process, try waiting one minute and try again
  2. Check if the PC running Touch HMI can reach the server via Predator DNC, this can be done using ping
  3. Check if Predator DNC is running
    1. Running as an application: You should see Predator DNC on the taskbar
    2. Running as a service: Check Services; Predator DNC Service should be Running, additional steps can be found here

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